I took these two pictures when I was on vacation.. Naturally, when I got there, I went exploring and found a lot of beautiful sights.. I thanked GOD a million times over for getting my family such a beautiful spot! As I mentioned before, I LOVE nature and everything to do with it.. So when I say I love nature I mean I love: bugs, trees,grass,flowers,spiders, animals, all plants, people, and all that is out there, really… Also I don’t believe in killing bugs.. which is a little strange when coming from a family that screams, ” A spider, kill it!”

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to these long- legged bugs… A lot of people think that Daddy Long-Legs are spiders when really they are placed in the same group as ants or any other six legged bug. They are not in the Arachnid class.. They are in the Arthropod class. I noticed this little bugger only when my little brother- whom I call, Dutch, was screaming near the water spout near our campsite. I laughed so hard that I almost missed the opportunity to take the picture of this fascinating little creature.

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