Forgiveness is Bliss

this blog was written for one of my best friends. I love him like a brother and this post is to remind him of how important he is to me. 🙂 I won’t put your name because I’m not too sure if you’d like that. You know who you are. I know we’ll always be friends 🙂 
I have spent a lot of time here in this place so vaguely familiar.
Won’t you come and sit beside me?

Let us catch up and chat for a little while.

You can’t possibly imagine how much I have missed you, how much I want you near.

You look as if you don’t believe me.

I know I made a mistake.

You knew there was something on my mind.

You always knew what I didn’t want you to and for that I am grateful.

You have changed me for the better.

Even though when you aren’t here, I don’t like to admit it.

I still keep a tenacious hold on all of our photographs.

How could you think I’d erase you away?


You are very much still apart of my present.

I miss your company.

you are a good friend to me.

No, not good.

Best… and one my most trusted confidants…

You are my big brother

I’m so sorry I let you down so.

I hold much regret knowing what I unintentially did.

This change is big.

Our lives are different.

Selfish me still wants you here.

I don’t want to let you go.

I will give you time.

I owe you that.

I owe you so much.

There’s so much I felt I left unanswered.

You demanded more.. You begged for more answers.

For that, I am grateful.

We have helped each through the difficult times.

I cried, you cried. We embraced for a while.

Both victums of life’s cruel turn outs, we still made it through.

You defied the odds by being stronger than me.

You defied the odds once you forgave me and told me you’d never hate me.

You can’t imagine how much that meant.

You wouldn’t believe how you never left my mind for an instant.

Reoccuring dreams of you and I

befriended and happy came upon me in my sleep

and left me to waking.

Tears would fall on my pillow when I woke.

I thought you’d never understand.

I wouldn’t blame you.

But, you did.

You forgave me.

You loved me still as your sister.

You trust me.

You saved me.

You bettered me

You are still my friend.

For that, I am grateful…


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