Random Thoughts


I gave up chocolate and chips. BAD IDEA! Never give up two things for lent. GOD wants us to resist temptation not cause world war three within ourselves. He wants us to have a few weeks of giving up something pleasurable to teach us moderation and resisting temptation of sins. If you screw up once or twice… GOD knows I have- you won’t be damned and GOD won’t hate you. However, you should try really hard not to. Jesus died for us for a reason. We can resist something for him.

.. another random thought,,,,,

This is a thought for all your other adults of age 18 and up. Have you ever noticed how no matter how old you are, when you’re in the backseat of your parents automobile, you go right back to the times when you were little? Yesterday, and other instances previous, I found myself feeling little again on the way to Pizza Hut. When I am at college or with my friends talking about bills and books that need to bought or work the next day, I feel like I’m my age. But, when I am back in the backseat of my dad’s car next to my brother, I am young again. I have some of my fondest memories of my dad and mom in the front seat with their lit cigarettes hanging out the window blasting ACDC or Bonjovi. I miss those times. I don’t get discouraged though. I always relive them through the present. I remember them in songs, in reminiscing, in conversation or sometimes, I’ll just hear a familiar sound that takes me back in time.


my brother, me and ava( my cousin)


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