Last Breath~BrittnyLee

I’ll be here until you breathe your last breath.

I’ll h9ld  your hand as you’re walking down that terrifying white hall.

You’ll hear my voice as you pass on and your tired mind stops running.

I’ll be here. Never fear for the unknown isn’t all that scary.

Let it go and you can let go.

You can go to better places and rest with angel wings in place of achy bones.

We are not ready to let you go, it’s true.

However, if it’s your time then you have to do what’s best for you.

We are selfish for holding you here and we know it.

But hearing and feeling your beating heart keeps us sustained for the day.

You’re a great presence that is loved and treasured.

You can’t even know how much people love you.

I’m angry and sad that I might be losing you.

I’m confused and scared as well.

But I will wear a brave face to protect your fragile state of mind.

You deserve to be happy, no matter the circumstances.

You’ve given so much to so many without asking for anything in return, only love.

Love you have received.

Love is what you will always receive.

Grandpa.. I wish life didn’t have to be this way.

I wish I could’ve gotten to know you better.

I will sit and listen to every word you speak.

I love your advice and the way you never stopped loving me.

 The pride you have in me is a humbling experience because you’re so phenomenal.

I cry a little sometimes when I think of the life draining from your small body.

I wish I could heal you’re bleeding heart.

But I am not Jesus.

I can’t work miracles.

But I can listen.

I can hug you and tell you I love you.

I won’t let you down.

 I will keep it all up and put up with everything in this crazy world.

I will keep you proud of me.

 I hope when you leave this world you’ll remember me and be proud of what you see.

I hope Heaven holds you safe and secure, eating all the sweets you can have and

taking long quiet strolls on the golden sweets.

The birds will sound more beautiful there.

May their tunes they sing soothe you to sleep.

The best sleep you’ll ever have.

No more stress and no more worries.

you’ll be with Xander, GOD, Jesus, and all the angels and saints.

We’ll keep on living until we can be reunited again.

Until your last breath, I’ll keep visiting.

Until your last breath, I’ll keep smiling as I hug you.

Until your last breath and even after, I’ll always love you



  1. Aww this so beautiful and enotional brought tears to my eyes. I love ur writings you can feel the emotions in your words 🙂

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