Let What’s Been Done Be Finished


Forgiven but you’re not forgotten because you just won’t let it die.

Why are you still contacting me and pretending like you’re concerned?!

I wish you could just realize that I don’t love you anymore.

You had your chance and you blew it.

You took all that I told you and let it into the air because it didn’t matter to you.

I was more invested.

I let myself love you.

You blew a hole through my walls only to build them back up.

You hid yourself and changed your story so many times I’ve lost count after five.

Just because I forgive you, it doesn’t mean that I want your contact or support.

Don’t you understand my subtle hints?

I don’t want to be mean because I do forgive you.

I just want to live my life without you in it and have you do the same. Image

I want you to see that you haven’t broken me.

I want to be without you finally but you just can’t let me go.

Even when we speak today, you just say what you think I want to hear.

All I ever wanted was the truth.

You never gave it to me.

You only gave it up when you gave me up.

Before you said you’ve changed and you would try but the same pattern continued.

I wasn’t what you wanted.

I was just a toy to conquer and “fix”

But too much time had passed and I knew I wasn’t broken.

You had nothing to control and no foolish mind to warp.

I let you go to find myself and for you to find yourself.

I hoped you’d be happy elsewhere and it proved to be false.

You’re still hoping and wishing for something that will never happen.

You need to let it go.

Even though you’re with her, you’re leading her on because you’re not over what we had.

You only want the support and care I gave.

I wasn’t the importance.

It was my actions and compassion towards you that you miss.

You are just too lost to see the truth in this situation.

It seems ugly and mean to write about.

But the truth isn’t always pretty.

Focus on the one you’re with.

She probably loves you the way I once did.

You were my champion and I was your court jester.

Now only the roles are reversed and I feel sympathy towards you as you play the fool.

Let this go.

I am imploring you.

Be in love with someone good for you.

I just want for you to see, we weren’t meant to be.

I wish the best for you, only far away from me.

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