I walked onto my porch.

The steps wheezed an obnoxious screech under my boots.

I sat down and stopped my mind, shutting down the endless array of upsettedness that befell me.

A loud chirp of a squirrel made my shoulders slightly droop.Then, came the call of the cardinal, soft and soothing, melting all the harsh words that burdened my heart.

The leaves swished along in unison, calming me even more, making sharp crunching noises as the neighbors walked past with their dog.

The wind was cool, a great relief to my burning face.

I started feeling my heart beat slow and my muscles become less and less tense.

I opened my eyes and looked around myself.  All appeared to be as it should.

Stable. Safe. Serene.

A car door slams. I hear footsteps closing in on my safe haven.

The front porch door swings open with a shrill creeking noise.

Mom walks onto the porch.

“I have some bad news.”


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