Battle of Wills

Our struggle is endless.

Time aides but only in minuscule means.


Change is only possible when one is willing to accept responsibility for one’s own actions.

Forgiveness for the hurt that is born by the touch of their hand, is a seemingly improbable action.

Forgetting is even more challenging.

Though endeavor we will, our little actions of grace and striving for peace through our lord and prayer ring loud in the air.


The static standing of the situation, this typical revolving door keeps spinning round and round.

It’s consequence, the lamentable truth lays before us.


However, I will not give in and sacrifice my moral stand hold to give into the wanton play it begs for.

I remain on my knees, head bent low in prayer and in good company, until this time of trials has passed above us.

God grant us the strength to keep us loyal and true. God helps us to forgive the pain it has caused us.


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