Turn Around

There’s nothing I can say to keep you from taking those steps .
Your shoes are clumping loudly as you stomp down the sidewalk.
I say a silent prayer as I watch you huff along the path.
You’re so angry and upset.
Tears are flooding your eyes.
Was there more I could’ve said ?
Now I’m being foolish and selfish to make this about me.
My intentions are good but soiled with all attempts at stopping you.
You tell me no one can understand your pain.
No one can hear your cries.
I do .
I always did.
But every time, I tried, and nothing I would say or do would stop you from the things you did .
I’m still here.
I’m on the porch.
I’m hoping and praying you’ll come back.
I keep replaying the angry words you said, praying to God there’s something I could do to make you turn around.
The moon may be bright but the night is still cold and you’re  alone.
I keep looking to the left and to the right.
You’re still not in my view.
I pray that while you’re storming and raging you stop to realize that we love you .

Please, mom.

Turn around
and come home .


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