Smiling Eyes

You’re playing with your friends.

Maybe you’re playing by yourself.

Your room is packed with all sorts of toys that feed your evergrowing imagination.

I’m far away, on a vacation, or sick at home in bed.

My mind ponders on what you’re doing, where you are.

I should be focusing on myself, enjoying my time away.

The little bits of yesterday’s excursions keep lapping into view.

We were on a row boat and you wanted to boast your strength, give me a little break.

Your tired, small arms tugged and pulled and got that obstinate boat to move.

We laughed at the thought of small you rowing this large boat, while I sat back.

We experienced a different world then. We experienced a shift in our world and our perpections of it .

What seemed so daunting before,

changed to something challenging and beautiful.

Your happy eyes keep coming into my visage as I begin to close my eyes.

A gorgeous epiphany elopes from the zenith to grant me with this gift.

This gift is the understanding that we’re healing.

You’re growing, meeting each new obstacle with strides so high, mountain tops cannot touch.

I’m learning through you that I can heal too and am healing by the grace of working with you.

Thank you.

Thank you for accepting me.

Trusting in me.

Letting me help you and breaking down my barriers of concrete.

Seeing you smile, and your happy eyes, taught me a valuable lesson.

We all are and will be a treasure to someone.


    1. Thank you!!!! Yes!!! That makes me so happy to hear. I want people to know that. So many people struggle with self worth and self love. I struggled and still do struggle with this at times. I want to connect with people and let them know they’re not alone. They’re loved. This site and community helped me through one of the hardest points of my life. I was at a low point, the lowest I’ve ever been. My anxiety was at it’s worst and none of my coping skills would work like they had prior and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It was rough accepting this and coming to terms with the fact that some of myself would altered for life. Finding peace was and still is the hardest thing. I just want everyone to come out of that bad place because I know how it feels.

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