Message From A Withering Rose… 8/13/18 by Brittnylee

Even as the seasons are changing,

and Summer turns to Autumn,

Autumn turns to Winter,

the rose goes to sleep.

Feigning her death,

she settles under the cold,frozen earth,

only to spring up again in Summer surrounding herself in thick, and ready to defend thorns.

This rose, losing her petals and giving into the late of Summer,

is a strong beauty, no matter the state of her petals. This rose represents all we are capable of .

This rose doesn’t give in and neither do we .

We lead our own legacy, proud and courageous we battle our demons,

trying to discover the truth within our roots.

I believe they are strong once we discover them and allow them to take root.

In them, with acceptance, we find the beauty looming inside, radiating throughout us as we grow in faith, courage, and acceptance of who we are … We are all roses….


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