The nightmare is over now.
I can sleep without, listless tossing, turning about.
I can now contemplate reality without hatred, or bias.
I’m left with peaceful dreams when my tired shut.

She’s not dying anymore.
She’s alive again.

The nightmare is over now.

There was once a time,
I almost let it all slip through my hands,
like grains of sand.
I let it sneak by me, refusing to see the harmony.

I was drowning in worries of the uncertain future,
reiterating wrathful feelings towards myself.
Killing my soul wasn’t solving anything,
only shattering myself into smaller and smaller bits
of broken fragments.

One day, an epiphany happened upon me.
I saw the sun, as if for the first time.
The devil inside was blinded by the rays,
and I could see it.

I prayed and held the tiny distraught creature.
It wept as it began to fall away.
I wept with it too,
knowing it was at peace and I was too,
with a new life, I was finally awake.

The nightmare is over.
She’s no longer dying.
She’s alive, possibly for the first time.

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