In This Instant

The sky is swollen, underbelly dragging across mountaintops and heavy with left over rain, urging the clouds to release it.

It is a warm spring night, the warmest I’ve encountered in months.

The moon is hiding tonight, probably hurt from everyone cursing her for shining so brightly so early all of our winter season.

We are walking together tonight, the four of us.

Kris, is walking ahead wearing his cowboy hat proudly, humming pleasantly and taking in the pleasantries of this small town, Swoyersville.

Jake, is walking slightly behind him talking with myself and my mother about how warm it is and where we want to go.

I am loving every minute of this.

The warmth is the best part indisputably, but so are the sounds of the bats skittering about, lunging to get their insect feast.

The sounds of the frogs come into play too here, hopping and singing in unison, trying to find their life companion.

There’s a calm in the air I hadn’t experienced in a long while tonight and I’m so grateful, I could cry.

Still more was seen on this little journey, of course the best being an old tree.

This tree called out to me, wanting to be noticed. I couldn’t ignore him as he sit in between two properties, but belonged to no one.

He has a lonely heart and a loving soul.

I wave goodbye, thanking him for his time and we keep going.

We keep going through Swoyersville and passing again, the pond with the frogs -peepers.

I stop to record the sound and close my eyes.

So many places I can be in just an instant.

How I missed this, this beautiful feeling.

Spring is here.

The earth around me may be thawing but so am I.

I’m becoming alive again, green thumb becoming as prominent as a sore one.

I’m in love with life again, in this instant.


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