What’s Growing

World is growing lighter even with fear growing too.

I hear the blue jays. I hear them rustling and ruffling their feathers engaged in their warding off of the birds of prey.

Spoken words are never as sharp as their shrill shrieks they call to their brethren. Their sound is a smaller school choir within the bigger orchestra, spilling it’s sound unto the receiving world.

The world as we know it is in a tizz y, hopping around six feet apart and forbidding eating together.

The world still on it’s axis keeps turning still, season to season and day to night.

Spring is in the brazen blue jay call, in the short high note chirp of the grackles and swooning song the starlings cry.

Spring is beneath our feet, in the brown to green grass and the daffodils puncturing through rain softened soil.

There’s a treasure in this wide abode, people in their gardens, greeting neighbors, speaking.

Hope grows when and where the flowers do, in spring.


  1. One of those days when I am kinda reticent about being me…

    so I’ll let the grackles and the blue jays say it for me

    and watch the starlings weave.

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    1. Yes !!!! Beautiful comment John!! I’m walking and I couls hear the birds, and see no rain. It’s been a few days of rain
      The wind still is holding onto the last bit of winter but the sun is warm. Spring is here.

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  2. “Because I am the wind, and I’ll hold on to what’s mine.
    I’ll hold on to hailstones
    and and freezing rain
    and the billion tiny cog-in-a-blizzard sculptures you call snowflakes…
    and the lingering fear
    of people who’ve been told not to go out without their masks…

    Even now, when the air warms,
    and everyone thinks I’m just a breeze.”

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