Short but Sweet

I crave walking with you, following subtle streams and the setting sun.

The autumn leaves crunch under our feet and the air still absorbs the rays of the sun.

We’re warm and comfortable.

I crave the open roads and free styling our days, making nonsense in sense just for the fun of it.

I yearn for your laughter, just as pure as the stars in the summer night sky, freshly placing themselves up there just for us.

You take my hand and swear to me that the changing seasons aren’t anything to fear.

Autumn is a gift, not a curse, not a death sentence.
The changing leaf colors are magic again, like when I was small.
You reminded me of the magic when I needed it most.

The leaves crunching under my feet brings me devine comfort these days.
The sweet summer nights cool and refreshing, enveloping us with lightning bugs and a chorus of crickets and katydids are just as sweet.

Endlessly, these small moments so short, too short, I crave.


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