Tired Eyes and a Sunrise

Watching the sun rise, snapping open tired eyes

Coffee brewing, crackling sounds filling the orange kitchen.

Brother is pacing, mom is asleep on the couch.

I am running late, getting dressed as I pack things tight.

Watching the sunrise, out my window, the old willow is becoming more defined, the backdrop coming into play.

Pleasantly distracted, couldn’t have it any other way.

I want to sleep.

I want to dream but that sunrise, props open my eyes.

Sipping coffee, staring fixedly watching the world shift before me.

I knew it then.

I was meant to see this.


  1. Living –
    if you can hang such small labels
    on such rich patterns –
    in a world of colour splash and silhouette…
    snatched between
    sips and windows, steaming mugs
    and days
    that wait like puppet shows
    beneath your fingers,
    your keyboard,
    your spells.

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    1. Beautiful comment. Thank you John !!!
      Separate moments
      Scattered like litter on the freeway
      Drifting like sparks from the fire
      The wind is changing with the seasons as we watch from our windows.
      Thinking on and on of the free time I’ve wished for.
      Grateful I’ve scratched that itch, finding myself restless in the waiting.

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    1. Me too!!!!! We have recently had some grey catbirds joining our cardinals and blue jays in my yard. Their chirp is so majestic and loud. I really am Grateful to have them in my yard πŸ™‚ . I just become mesmerized with them.

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