Another Chase

This is a poem inspired by a piece written by my friend John AKA woodsy

Another chase, running backwards down nine flights of stairs, daring myself not to trip.


Another chase, slamming one hand over another playing a speedround of Slap Jack, laughing at our splotchy red hands.

Chasing, we’re chasing the birds that soar out of reach, aiming our cameras, praying for a steady frame.


Chasing onward and inward, the feelings we’ve been afraid of but are trying to face off with.

Introspecion engaged!

Chasing some miracle with a friend, and seeing someone I love remember my name again.

I chased these things with you, my brother far across oceans and time and wonder why you feel I am deserving.

Such a beautiful chase is to swallow your pride and dive into the blank wall of your mind, that uncomfortable place that you KNOW you have to keep coming back to.

Chasing it down, only knowing you’re capable with a backbone made from memories and heart.

Chasing love in ourselves is the toughest chase but we’ll succeed in the end.

Little by little, we’ll continue the chase.


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