Mine to Bury

You’ve changed so rapidly.
Vapid, you’re vain in your variants of preachings.

Round and around you turn.
You’re in bubbling waters.
You rose with the steam until you chose the inferno once again.
Succumbing, you dove back in.

You left so hastily, all you know, all you were.
In my sleep, you return, having fun, laughing again.

I sit with my feelings, craddling your dying elephant lie.
All my distractions, the books, moving pictures, the outside world, no matter.
It’s all in good measure, myself, trying to let you go, stop myself from calling out your name.
These distractions are never enough to keep you from creeping back.
They don’t silence your memory, your booming laughter.

I’m apologetic in my hoping that you’ll be you, again.
I did all I could.
I tried to hold it with you, your latter, your cross to carry.

Now, I’m sitting with all you left me, memories and your shattered promises to bury.


  1. This is so mournful, I’m honestly a little overwhelmed. Your language is evocative and your imagery is bleak.

    “You left so hastily, all you know, all you were.”

    There’s so much anguish in just that line alone. Beautiful words. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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