Peering up at the giant obscured by the mountainside,

I felt so small, like the moment you reappeared.

I felt more alive as the frost whipped past me.

Withdrawing from all I knew, I wiped crusty eyes.

My porcelain mask letting my blood seep through.

Blood and tears were as fresh as my tears before they dried.

Crusty eyes aren’t appealing.

A cracking face is just as homely.

Exposed as the river water when the spring strikes it with a heated hammer.

I felt exposed and little.

It wasn’t all bad.

I finally felt something as your words rang through the frigid air.

The giant in mountainside eyed me curiously.

The ice beside him statuesque began creaking and splintering alongside him. 

I felt something inside of me snap in that instant.

A dawning epiphany played through me.

Could a new dawn be surfacing with this showdown?

The giant was as exposed as I was.


  1. I had a giant like that in my hearts once,
    and it glowed
    bright orange, every time I cried –
    that was before they took the sky from me.

    Now I’m not allowed clouds,
    or honest tears…
    and I miss my friends with the crusty eyes
    and the blood
    you could write souls with.

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