Sunny Synesthesia

Sunlight peeks through champagne shades,
spilling strawberry pinks,
in it’s shortcake renegade

Succulent and springing forth,
setting me up to surveying Spring’s delight.
The sunlight,
this sweet harmonious prelude to my day,
is a serene lullaby

Sunlight is bouncing about
in my hall, and
down my steps,
streaming like a birthday banner

I follow in fraptious bounding,
tasting the zesty orange afterglow
and zingy shadows of the rising sun.

I follow them into my kitchen
The tangy energy is citrusy and creamy on my tongue .
Every orange painted droplet
comes alive with my taste buds.
Their energy stirring within me,
Thrumming through thirsty fingertips

Sunlight speaks through open windows
while birds sing.
Who can tell if they’re amorous in their song?
If they’re planning their forever?

Who can make time for all this to unwind?
My synesthesia sunrise takes delight
in my approval as time ticks faster,
mocking me while I’m dodging being late.


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