Falling to Ground

About the poem: This is a remake of the poem I posted a while ago called, Earthbound. I really enjoy this poem and wanted to play with it a bit to see what directions I could take with wordage and imagery. I don’t think I have ever posted a remake or revamp of a previously posted poem before. If you visit my site often, let me know which you like better πŸ™‚ Earthbound or this version Falling to Ground.

Held it up,
this knotty head, wrought with wires undone.


Tangles of thoughts parade around,
seeming as tangible, visible to others as my
knotted head of hair.

Dealt with this all,
trying to hold up this deck.
I hit a wall.
Lying face up,
watching them rain down in rivulets,
in their disgraceful fall.

My wires undone,
messages are left on read.
I am the epitome of the last flame.

Blown out by the constant winds,
I’m earthbound, now.
I’ve left the birds
to the clouds.


      1. Thank you very much. We had Easter dinner at my grandma’s house and now we’re visiting my grandpa and aunt at the cemetery . I’m glad we’re doing this. I haven’t been to his spot since the summer. I miss my grandpa so much. Being up here, it all looks so much the same. It brings me comfort

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