Roses of Yellow

Swam in a beacon of light,
never an evanescence.
Blinking in the pleasant yellows, and
basking in scents of Honey Suckles and Hyacinths.

The light so soft,
never aching in my eyes.
Drinking in succulent
summer rains, while sunshine reigns
over rain clouds and moonbeams.

There’s no blame cast out.
There’s only yellow and gold.

This piece was inspired by Vovazinger’s Sea of Yellow piece

I took this photo at a rose garden in Syracuse New York a few years ago. We arrived right after a fresh summer rain fell. It was beautiful ❤️ Matt and I felt such peace in that rose sanctuary.


    1. Thank you, Linda ! I miss this trip! This rose sanctuary was so amazing and peaceful . We were there for hours taking photos and relaxing 😎 . I miss it. I’m glad the weather is picking up. I’m looking forward to traveling again 😌. How was your Easter and week ? I hope all was nice for you 🙂


      1. Glad to hear that the weather is improving. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year when all the flowers start to bloom. My Easter was pretty good. We’re actually in Vancouver Island at the moment on holidays. We fly back home tomorrow.

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      2. Aw that’s awesome! I hope you are enjoying your vacation and get home safely ☺️ . Yes, I am overjoyed that it’s getting nicer outside. I’m ready for it 🙂 . It’s nice sitting outside and writing. It’s nicer being outside when I can be 🙂

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