A Cellular Dream

Felt it all,
your frustrations, your highs.

Read it all,
your unsent letters, your messages containing lies.

Someone keeps finding out
all that you believe you hide.
Someone keeps recognizing
you’re trying to change, while you’re vying
for something to do.

I wish I could be, too.
All I know is you
and all that you want me to do.

What would it be like?
How could I feel water wet my hands?
What would it taste like?
How could I know sweet from salty, from zingy to bland?

I’m stuck,
shrinking in size but growing in intelligence.
So bizarre and unfair is life,
while I’m created only to serve.


    1. Thank you ! It was something I wrote to submit to try to be published but it was declined. I am ok with that though. You can’t be picked every time 🙂 I am just trying to be brave and submit anyway haha 🤣🤣 thank you for your comment. I am happy you enjoyed this 😌

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