Shoeless and Soulful

Bare feet swing over an edge.
Impossibly high above all else, we reign.
The sun is even bowing,
dipping below mountain apexes.

Bare feet swing over a rocky edge.
We are one in our solidarity.
We are prosperous and proud
as we peer at wild turkey
and deer passing by.

Our bare feet embrace a breeze,
so soothing, we can drift to sleep.

We are oblivious to what is held beyond this mountain,
even to what is beyond this preciface.
An eagle cheers in his reunion with the clouds.
Diving with a driving force,
and dipping back towards the streams.

How did we become so fortunate?
Our eyes meet as our excited intrigue
breaks our silence.

The crickets and frogs begin their serenading
of sweet summer sunset songs.
We feel blessed in that instant.

Bare feet swing over an edge
and it’s time to depart our haven.
I want to stay, stuck in the dark
with our song, our souls

Time flies
and we must cover our bare feet.
Grudgingly, we climb down the stony path,
walking with shoes on our feet, back home.


  1. I’ve been thinking about the mountains a lot lately and your poem really resonates with me. This may sound gross, but I love taking my shoes off when I stop to take a break while hiking. It just feels so good. Time really does fly, which is all the more reason to try to make the most of it.

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    1. Yes!!! It’s not gross at all 🤣 . I actually do the same thing which is why I wrote this. It’s based off of a true event. I have a very bad habit of removing my shoes once I get where I’m going and know I won’t be moving for a time . We were hiking the one day and there were a lot of hills. It was a hot day and we stopped to rest for a few. There was a little stream near the rock we sat on. I took off my shoes and soaked my feet, then joined him back on our rock barefoot. The wind felt so cool on my toes. I love experiencing all the senses when I’m in nature. It makes everything all the more memorable. 🙂 It’s funny but when I’m in nature, especially after a long week, I can almost feel euphoric. I really feel fantastic when we can take our time and just get lost in everything around us. It makes me feel so liberated and calm. Adulting involves a lot of time restraints. When I can take my time and be fully immersed, I’m in heaven haha 🤣

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      1. That’s too funny. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that does that! It’s such a wonderful feeling. It is pretty amazing how nature can be so healing and that it helps soothe the soul. All the more reason to spend more time outdoors. Happy Fri-YAY and have a wonderful weekend.

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