Thanks to You

It’s not my fault
and you’ve told me so many times

The sky is blue
with clouds freckling her highest points
They’re so white,
I could swear they’re solid
and cold like freshly fallen snow.

The wind is palming the promise of rain
and your eyes are softening.
The sun brightens the green flecks in your eyes.
You can’t comprehend they’re majesty.
You can’t comprehend the hope in your company.

I am dolorous
and it’s Easter.
Christ is risen
and I am bleak.

What in God’s green Earth is wrong with me?!

It’s not my fault.
I could hear you say.

Your green eyes softening
as you’re patting my back.
You can’t grasp the dips in my psyche.
You can’t grasp how apologetic I am for lamenting.
You can’t imagine.

You don’t fathom because you love me.

Jesus is risen and I am here,
Crestfallen by chemicals out of my control.
I feel guilty.
But you say it’s not my fault.

But I am sick
But I am strong
But I am a sister
But I am a daughter times three
But I am his creation

I am loved.

I will try because you love me.
I will try because he reminds me
in all you do.

I matter.
I am loved.
I know this because of you.


      1. There are times I remember random bits of languages I’ve studied in the past like the French I just posted. Haha it’s so strange but I love it. Me gusta lo !

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know more Spanish now than I learned in 1 year in high school… I think it’s because I’ve learned the words and not verbs, adjectives and adverbs etc…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Warren. How is your week going ? It’s very rainy here but I’m sick with bronchitis so I’m not minding the rain. It’s peaceful to listen to. I love it 💓


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