The Crying Dance

I don’t dance,
don’t hold the rhythm.

I don’t dance until,
brown eyes and puppy dog
sighs relent me.

This song is too 80s
and you’re too short
but I’m carrying on.

You can’t imagine
how goofy I feel. Your little arms guiding the way.

I see you smile.
Your eyes shine with unfamiliar shimmer

Are you crying?!

Tears stream down your cheeks.
“This song is so beautiful,” you say through tears.

You’re right,
it is.

How did you age so quickly
in your short seven years?

Bemused and taken off guard,
my eyes begin to tear.
Your mom, you and I
dance along, crying and laughing alike.

We have found
solid ground in dancing and tears.


    1. Thank you so much, kind Linda !! 🙂 Yes, all is well 😃 Some songs just have such an intense instrumental interlude . It brought him to tears and then myself ! It was that one 8os song that could make anyone cry. I can’t think of the name but the music is intense as are the words. It was sweet seeing a seven year feel the music the way he did. Sometimes my clients tears bring me to crying with them haha ðŸĪĢ😆. After we cried, we started laughing at how we were crying over music haha ðŸĪĢ It was a great bonding experience and makes for a good memory we could relive and laugh about

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      1. It’s getting hot here as well. Today it’s supposed to go up to a high of 28C/ 82F and feel like 38C / 100F. We have a pool as well, which has been an amazing way to beat the heat. I usually go for a swim after work when the sun isn’t as strong. It’s a great way to feel refreshed.

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      2. I do that too!! It helps after a long hot work day . Oh wow !! Yes, it’s heating up . Yesterday was 86 felt like 95. Not fun lol ðŸĪĢ. I’m glad you have a pool, too. It really does help . I was to tired to go in yesterday unfortunately. I plan on maybe going in today . I went in Tues and Monday though. It was so relaxing. I like going in during the evenings too. It’s so calming with the birds chirping and the quiet in the town.

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