Andy Warhol Museum

The drive to the Andy Warhol Museum was very scenic. It took about an hour and nineteen minutes to get from our hotel in Uniontown, to the museum. I, of course, fell asleep on the 37 mile stretch. I made sure to keep assisting with directions when doing shorter mile distances. We crossed some really colorful bridges. One of which was a golden yellow. The architecture was gorgeous in some areas, showing Pittsburgh’s age and culture.

The Silver Cloud Exhibit was my favorite. The hum of the fans complemented the soft bouncing of balloons echoing in the room. The walls in the room were black, making the silver stand out. I had some fun taking some photos of our reflections in the balloons. I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed this room.

I wasn’t expecting to find out so much in one museum. For instance, I didn’t realize that Andy Warhol did sculptures as well as nude art. It’s interesting that he’s considerably more well-known for his pop art when he had so much more to him. His attention to detail and interest in humanity set him apart from so many others. He also had many pieces with animals, particularly cat sketches from his younger years. I found these to be very eye opening. As a child, he must’ve been curious and creative as many of the sketches were from when he was younger. I also learned that his mother drew as well and supported his love for art.

Our next venture was to the Carnegie Museum of History and Art. We ended up only doing the history side that day, saving the art side for Thursday as it rained most of the day.


    1. Oh man ! Next time you are in Pittsburgh you definitely should visit. It’s very interesting. There are many floors too, which I did not expect. 🙂 I love the bridges, too. They really show the age of Pittsburgh and the history.

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