Carnegie Museum Art Side

The art side of the museum had some pieces and aesthetics that caught my eye. I didn’t expect to spend more than 3 hours there as the art side is around the same size as the history side. However, we got dazzled into staying almost four hours.
  One of the first rooms we encountered was a room loaded with odd furniture pieces and antiques. Some of the pieces were simply sculptures and the others could’ve been actually functional had they been out there.
  The antiques were lovely to look at. The museum had them in glass cabinets with the lighting casting marked shadowing behind the objects.We spent a lot of time in this first room, moving upstairs for the next.

   Some of the other pieces in the other rooms chilled me to the bone. One in particular was the statue of the thin man. He is entirely coal dark and twig thin. His eyes appear to be screaming along with his open mouth. I managed to get some decent shots of him. I couldn’t help but feel disturbed by that piece. Regardless of how I felt, I still respected the art and could imagine the artist wanting to elicit dark feelings.

  The Jesus painting you’ll see in this album wowed Matt and I. He happened to turn the corner first, noticing it. Once I joined him, I stopped short as he did, in awe. He’s glowing against a neutral backdrop, standing out as if to remind this world of the peace that lies in loving him.

  The girl in the pink dress piece, -(the one you see multiple photos I took of myself with)- was one of my favorites. I love the innocence in the child’s eyes, the wonder and peace. It also reminded me of my pillow person, Billow. Aw

There were also recreations as well as original faces of churches from earlier years in Italy, France, etc. They were very large in stature and strategically placed to boast their height.
The bird hall was enjoyable to explore as well
Matt and I love birds and try as often as we can to photograph birds during the cooler weather. This exhibit had many types of birds on display. It was a very relaxing end to our Carnegie tour.



    1. Thank you !!! I love that painting so much 💓😍. It’s just so adorable. It reminds me of my stuffy I made, my pillow person, Billow awwww . Naturally, I loved it haha 😆. I’m one of those people who are very attached to my teddy bears and pillow person haha . It sometimes drives my fiance nuts lol. Last night, I left my teddy bear at the apartment we’re moving into and I drove back there to get him. I knew I wouldn’t sleep until I knew he was safe with me aw. The museum really did amaze me with all of the varying kinds of art they had. I wasn’t expecting it to be so incredible. I love museums and I love art but this place really took the whole bakery for me 🙂 . I think you would really enjoy it.

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      1. Aw that’s so cool! What’s yours named?? It really did make me happy. I was feeling a little sad looking at some of the darker structures and paintings. This sweet one brightened my disposition as soon as I saw it 🙂 aw I’m glad you love your stuffs, too. They just love so unconditionally and their embrace is always so pacifying. 🙂


      2. Aw that’s such a cute name! My uncle Matt has a stuffed mouse he named Mousie lol. I love that thing :-). He still has the mouse wrapped up in a blanket on his bed . It’s a family thing lol I’m glad that you are the same with that. Some people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I still have stuffed animals and things like that lol

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      3. Seriously, though !! Who would get rid something that loves you so much just for being loved and kept haha 😂😆 I’m glad someone gets it haha . This made my day, Linda. Thank you 😊🙂 enjoy your trip my friend ❤️ and I’m proud of you, too with the garage work. That kind of work is satisfying but timely and takes patience. You got this


    1. So do I ! Certain pieces do have a way of standing out. I love that about art pieces. You never know what you’ll feel drawn to until you get there. More often than not, I’m drawn to pieces I normally wouldn’t think I would be. There was this one piece there of a coal black statue. It was stick thin and had its mouth gaping. It looked like it was screaming in torment . It scared me to the bone . It made me think of all the struggles humans have, their stories, their battles. It was wild. I think I posted a photo of it on here. It’s one of those pieces that makes you stop and think a minute. I’m glad you enjoy museums, too. They’re definitely a great escape, too

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