The In-between

I’m in between new neighbors
and rotten wood.
Between carpenter bees,
and dust that stings my eyes,
balls of freshly washed linen and prying passerbys.

I’ve never made
sense to anyone I’m afraid.
I’m afraid that’ll never change

I’m endlessly in between.
I’m in between my mind and me.
I’ve kept it all
so succinct.

I’m in between two stories
but wanting to write something new
I’m in between a weighted blanket,
window sills and my Billow.

I’m huddled in my nook,
living vicariously through a book.

I’m between two stories,
two chapters,
one old and one new.

They’re closing in on me swiftly.
I’m dusting, sweeping the skeletons to their graves.
I am keeping above ground
as they’re pulling me down.
I guess my mind is made.

I’m terrified of the dark
but don’t dare flirt with the daylight.
Alone, between four walls,
I write and I try

I try to stand tall
when I struggle to reach the top counter
I try to write something phenomenal
and pray it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining.

I try and I try
while I sit and write.
I’m stuck in between
four walls and with me.



    1. Thank you. It’s honest. For some people, this is the place they’re stuck in. The important thing is to know that being stuck doesn’t mean you’re stuck for eternity. I wrote this from a place I’ve been before. I get lost there sometimes but I find comfort in my faith and in knowing I’ll find my way out, again πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment, Chaymaa. I hope you’re having a good weekend and week


    1. Thank you, John !! I appreciate your kind words and open communication πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚. Decisions are so tough, especially when we’re all so distracted with our careers and family and life in general. This piece flowed from my mind to paper faster than I could write it. I love when I’m inspired in that way. I don’t mind if it’s inspired in a sad or troubled way. I’m just grateful to be feeling and living through the emotional rollercoasters. Thanks so much, John. I hope you are well.


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