Sleep Waking

I’m lost in my own eyes,
a grayish blue haze.
Lost in translation,
surrendering to the circumstance of traffic,
bustling beeps and rusty signs

My eyes pulled me down deeper.
Looking glass, frighten me whiter

I can’t see the pupils
in my blue orbs.
Where have I gone?
When did I succumb to this?

This is starting to feel
all too surreal.

Pressing my thumb
to the muddy water,
I think I’ll soon be waking up.



    1. Thank you, Linda πŸ’— .That’s how I see things when I read your travel blogs . The pictures are just a bonus 😜 . We will keep inspiring each other πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a good Monday 😊


    1. Yes, it’s an effortless ability for some of us. I feel like it’s a commonality asking some writers . Thanks so much, John πŸ™‚ . I appreciate your kind words and adore your pieces as well


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