Time’s Petticoat

Darted apart
from naked trees
and angsty squirrels

Rushed towards
chortling chimneys,
charging between
a chorus of icicles
clinging onto sils and gutters, alike.

I dove between snowflakes,
that dragged icy winds
by their skirts
which wove within
withering icicles and
waking them from their slumber.

I rose above thorny steps,
dipping down strep chasms
and flying amongst the gray and fluffy clouds

I’ll soon reach my precipice
bringing me back to peak

Life is an oxymoron.
We’re here to sow seeds,
and slip away after not too long.

I often wander this space,
at 3 A.M.
alone and without aid.

Somehow I have reached this point,
some far off summit in my mind.
It holds no great secret,
no operative plan.

I’m just here
sailing above snowy grounds.
I know I can’t keep waiting.
Time tucks no patience
in his petticoat.

Dawning on me,
it’s dawning on me.
The sunlight brightens my pale cheeks.
Screeching alarms,
shriek in my ears.

I’m tumbling down the mountain face,
a rolling ball of hope and snow.
I’m brought back to the present,
dancing the dance of stating, “I don’t know.”



  1. Your poem is filled with such vivid imagery and honest emotion. Getting started or trying something new can be challenging. But sometimes you just got to go for it with a mixture of fear of excitement. Agreed, life really is an oxymoron.

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    1. It is !! All that happens, tends to be the opposite of what we are taught and what we expect . It’s almost like a joke is being played on us sometimes. I believe that we are put in situations to challenge us to change something that is holding us back. I also believe that those some situations show up in different ways again and again until we can help ourselves past it. It’s a weird theory but I’ve seen it with so many people, including myself. The cycle only stops when we stop it. You’re right about what you said about having to ‘just go for it’. If I don’t, nothing will be accomplished and the cycle will keep repeating. Life is an oxymoron, on so many levels. I’m really glad you enjoyed this one. This one meant a lot to me. I felt as if it would really resonate with many people right now. It was also cathartic to release πŸ™‚

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