Come Together

We can’t escape death. We can avoid it if we’re careful. But it will always find us. The trouble with … More

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

There’s an eerie sense of calm, while entering the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. There’s a silence that could render you speechless. … More

The Struggle in Love

  There’s nothing ugly about being good. There’s nothing wrong with love without immediate sex. There’s something graceful about God … More

One on One

  I won’t try to guide you in things that I don’t understand.I feel hurt by you and this you’ll … More


I have just recently fallen in love and had my heart broken.. It is exactly how many have described it. … More


Passion. Why do you betray me? These emotions I once so knew Were so familiar with Have transformed my colors … More

Love’s Keen Sting

The garden she entered seemed plentiful. With little time, she began to trust and love a perfect stranger. They spoke … More

The Disease~BrittnyLee

Thank you, everybody! I owe it all to you. I owe my success to your pushing and subliminal messaging that … More