Little Bird

I wrote this poem for my grandmother in 8th grade when I discovered she had been diagnosed with cancer. She has malignant tumors in her brain and needed immediate surgery. My grandfather on my dad’s side had died from cancer that same year so I prayed and prayed that she would make it. My grandmother is a very strong woman so thankfully, the surgery was a success and all of our prayers were answered. This poem can now be dedicated to anyone who knows someone who suffers from infirmity and still pushes onward. Whoever is suffering and pushing to make it. This poem goes out to you… GOD bless you and NEVER give up!~Brittny Woss

Locked Gates Hold History

“Locked Gates Hold History,” is a picture that I took on Christmas day. I was walking to my grandmother’s house and froze when I saw this gate. Immediately, memories were flashing like camera lights in my mind! I knew then that I HAD to take a picture of these gates. The poem that I put in with my picture, is called, “History.” This Poem is actually a poem I made my first semester at college about my friends and I. History, basically, sums up everything about my friends and me. I put the picture with this poem because that gate a lot of the time, held a BIG part in our nightly escapades.