Like A Child Can

Twilight dawns.
It’s the beginning of Summer’s end.

The backs of houses
are silhouetted in shadow.
There’s a squeaking of rusty swings
in the zephyr.

Someone laughs.
A father watching his daughter swing higher and higher,
defying gravity for a short instant, boundless
then jumping to land on tiny feet.

She cheers and laughs in a high pitched voice,
sounding more like a kitten than little girl.

The wise willow sighs
dropping leaves,
the little sprints to her father,
the leaves under her feet crunching loudly.

It’s the beginning of Summer’s end.
Autumn is drawing near.
This little girl will grow
an inch or two taller next year.
The leaves will fall
and new buds will be born.

Like everything in this world,
what falls brings about something new?
With each season passing,
We all change a little.
We just have to learn to be aware,
to find the enjoyment once again,
like that little girl crunching the leaves,
and jumping off of the swings…

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